Condo Insurance Texas

Covers Damages to the inside of your unit

Types of Condo Insurance

Each condo is unique, so each condo policy needs to be tailored for proper protection. Here are a few ways you can improve your security at your condo.

Water Backup:

If water backs up into your condo, it might not be covered by your standard policy. Fortunately, this type of coverage can cover the expense.

Umbrella Insurance:

This is an overarching liability policy that can protect you in and out of your condo.

Unit Assessment:

If a common area is damaged (e.g. your clubhouse burns down), condo owners can be assessed a fee for the repairs. Your coverage could pay this for you.


If you have valuables you store in your condo, your existing policy might not offer sufficient coverage. You can get a floater to specifically insure high-value items.


These two natural disasters aren’t covered by standard policies. You need separate flood and earthquake insurance.

Condo Insurance in Texas

Provides property, liability and medical coverage

What is condo insurance?
This isn’t a straightforward question to answer, because there are two types of condo insurance in Texas. The first is the personal policy that you get, and the second is the master policy your condo or co-op board has to protect the common areas of your condo and its building.

Why do I need my own condo insurance policy?
Your condo’s master policy protects the structure of your condo, like it’s exterior walls and roof, but its coverage generally stops once you get inside your condo. To protect the interior of your condo and the personal property you keep there from fire, theft, and other disasters, you need your own condo insurance policy.

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